Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Tips on Bedroom colors

Bedroom color: You can experiment with bold shades as per your choice. To brighten the room use different colors like light blue on one wall and light green on the other.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ideas for your kitchen

Kitchen is utilized at optimum level in a food loving family & especially where both the meals are prepared at home.  Kitchen layout should be with adequate spacing of kitchenware. High usage of granite is most preferred for its durability. Use light color tiles so that the room is not gloomy and makes it more live by lining up small plants at the window side. Do not assemble cooking stove, refrigerator and sink together and make the room compact. Arrange them equidistantly from each other so that it is work flexible. Matching dinner sets, cabinet and other cutlery can be a best theme for your kitchen.

Monday, 28 April 2014

How to make your living room a better place.

The first room perceived is your living room. It gives a warm welcome to the guests with its unique style and décor. Though beautiful & stylish furniture is at times fragile might not work in homes blessed with little angels. Color should be light & use mirrors to reflect natural light. Décor & color should be in contrast while planning interior design of your living room. To have wide ranging look with reasonable cost have refurbished & re-cycled décor.

You need to ensure that your living room furniture set is comfortable & durable. Secondly the sitting arrangement is most visible, highly used & first sight your guest sets among the various items in the living room. To give first impression & connect with your guest it is important that fabric & sitting arrangement should be durable to last for a longer period.  

Monday, 21 April 2014

Making your house “Your Home”!

Want to revamp your house to make it a better place? Then get inspired by the interior design ideas which will redo the entire look of the house. The way you redecorate your house shows up your personality. A theme for any room is important to give it an elegant look. Key aspect in Interior designing your home is selecting furniture, fabric, color, design, layout of rooms & décor which are durable, convenient & comfortable.We believe everyone has a beautiful house in them. We’re simply here to help you discover and create the home that makes you smile.