Saturday, 31 May 2014

Why the Interior of your Hotel is necessary?

Designing the interiors not only plays a big role in getting customers for your restaurants along with the good quality foodstuff and immense service but also get you your customers in this cutthroat competitive world.
Competition plays a very crucial part in today’s world. You have to try to be better than your competitors to get your customers to you.
Creative dining environment is a good solution as people want to eat in an atmosphere that is pleasant and transmits them the feeling they want to entertain themselves in. An exclusive interior design will make a distinctive you from the ordinary restaurants in the market and will create a brand image in the minds of the customer for you.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Conference Room of your Office.

It is a business room where serious and important discussions take place. It is also used for group discussion and training purposes. Tinted glass on walls looks good because there is nothing much to decorate a business room. Table is the center piece of the room. The projector screen and the table should have adequate space between them. Use carpets on the flooring to avoid disturbance in the room.  Do not load conference room with several items and make it compact.

Unlike home interior design, corporate interior design is not really a creative job. It is better described as convenient and work enthusiastic environment. Work place should be designed keeping in mind individual’s basic need of comfort and cozy.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Corporate interior design: Designing for creative minds.

Corporate office is a place where people from different work culture and backgrounds interact on daily basis to make each day lucrative and rewarding. For making it more functional and productive manifestation and appearance should be at its best. Designing the best corporate office can create a respectable image before your clients and subordinates. Points to keep in mind while designing office space:

Create a work ambiance: Corporate interior design should be seriously taken as ideas, goals and achievement of the individual reflects. It should also be highly designed to please the clients. Office place has to be appealing for the new clients to attract good business deals. It is a sign of innovation and vigorous staff being at work.

Enhance working environment: Going with the greens like bringing plants as decorative and natural object can beautify office space. It creates positive and healthy environment for improving productivity. Such settings at work have great psychological and emotional impact. Therefore many organizations prefer landscaping designs for staff enjoyment.

Individual space and colors: Though office rentals are very high, priority concerned is to design cubicles in such a way which give personal space to the subordinates. Vibrant colors often distract work so use color that pacific the workflow. Too bright colors reflect on monitors and are no good to the eyes.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Interior designing tips for small houses.

Sounds like a challenging job because of limited space and options available? Lighten up, brighten up and live up to your expectations giving it a heavenly look. Bring in patterns and furniture which can show up the beauty of the small space. Don’t clutter the room with unnecessary stuff which could not even allow you to move about.

Apply simple and unique designs with the help of these key words:

§ Keep the room easy and organized by enough of air space and limited but well planned in anything you choose.

§ Choose furniture by size and proportion or this will make the room unstructured. Get multi storage furniture which would serve your purpose to store blankets, pillows, clothes etc. Bad furniture arrangement will undersize your area.

§ An alternative to bed can be a sofa cum bed or a wall bed which can be put away or be fixed to the wall after use.

§ Select one pacifying color to enhance the look of this small room. Do not paint the walls with different shades and mess up the entire thing. Use colors like baby blue, light pink or lavender.

§ Trim down the huge windows which limit light in the room and replace it with blinds. Use designer blinds in fabrics for that extra appreciation.

§ Fresh plants should be placed to give a vibrant and fresh feel. Adding a bouquet of fresh flowers on a table vase can work well.

§ Change your flooring as this can mould and transform the room to a larger space. Using light wood flooring can spice up the look.

§ Do not place your antiques straight before the wall. The best place it put them is using corners and around windows.

§ Use glass barriers to separate the room and make the maximum of space. It is the contemporary way to make the area appear bigger.

§ Fix up wall lamps or hanging lamps to make optimum use of the wall. Also set up tour television books and stereo on cabinets that are affixed to the wall.

§ Prioritize only those items which you can’t live without. Decide on which strategy can be more spacious and can give enough liberty to move around.

Eventually the design should efficiently use each corner of the room with intelligent furniture fittings. It means every furniture should have multipurpose & storage functionality.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Bathroom interior design: The smallest yet stylish.

Bathroom is a place of maximum usage so needs to be well designed and look attractive. It should not be overlooked by any householder as this closely packed room is just too essential. To an interior designer, this compact space is a great challenging job to redesign and do a makeover. He thinks of every element in bathroom and will give enough space to each. This will make a small washing room not only functional but give an aesthetic look.
Though small, bathroom interior design can give you an assorted stuff and variety of items to choose from. Some important points to keep in mind before you go ahead and redecorate your bathroom

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Luxury:Above Needs

Luxury is defined as the best that life has to offer,an endless supply of amenities, a legendary setting, wondrous tranquility, spectacular scenery and the opportunity to embrace each moment because every needs has been satisfied.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Your House is your happy place.

A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually. – John Saladino
The above quote is rightly said. Our house is the only place we all belong to. The place we live in should always make us happy and lively. When you chose the interiors of your house,make a point that it glads you.

Friday, 16 May 2014

The rooms of the hotels

Creativity in interior room design with unique components will have a lasting impression in guest’s mind. Take a change by having wall with bold & diverse color combinations. Decorate the room with local landmark or USP of the place. Example: monuments, historic event or unique culture. This will help in completing guest quest for altogether different experience & look. 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Responsibility of an Interior Designer

Three important duties of an Interior Designer.
Ø  Meeting with clients: The most important for easy and smooth flow of the entire procedure is the communication skills of the interior designer. Effective communication cannot be a barrier while discussing wants and preferences. Secondly, to determine client needs one has to often keep meeting and discussing decorating needs. Frequent site meetings, where both minds involved can decide and visualize space layouts. Some clients might want advice and suggestions for creating a stylish look while others might have a clear picture of their desires.
Ø  Plan out work:  A vision for creativity can keep clients happy. While executing ideas owner’s intentions should be the priority. Interior designer basic profile is to map out space, furniture locations and overall view of the room. He uses software to decide beforehand the quality of the fabrics, color palettes and patterns before purchase. Once done can get approval by the client.

Ø  Buying furnishing: The entire responsibility of making purchases, delivery and installation is on the interior designer. He has to make sure that the appliances purchased fit the space at its finest. Pick up items like furniture, lightening and fabrics keeping in mind what clients wants. An interior designer can be wholly responsible in some tasks while some might have inquisitive clients.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Who is an Interior Designer?

An interior designer can wisely change an interior space into an effective setting. His job is to emphasize more on planning and functional design with its art work. With best technical knowledge his plan is to execute the space and decorative layout for the client. An interior designer will remodel an existing structure keeping in mind the vision of the client.
He designs architectural features that best describes a modern and fresh look for your interior. A beautiful appearance by interior designer will have realistic situation and artistic idea. At times he might even ask you to part with your sentimental items which might not look elegant nor can be refurbished.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Your hotel's Recreation Area

Considering the kind of expected guest the facilities should be designed.
Hotel with commercial & business guest:-
Specialty spa/massage area for relaxing after long day of business meets Bar with wood furniture giving a mature look.Theme restaurant with high service standard. On the contrary for hotel with young & energetic crowd:Design elaborate pool area to relax & kill time.Discotheque with bar & dance floor complementing each other.Game zone such with pool & table tennis table.Gym with equipment mostly used by young generation .
Guest Rooms:-
Creativity in interior room design with unique components will have a lasting impression in guest’s mind. Take a change by having wall with bold & diverse color combinations. Decorate the room with local landmark or USP of the place. Example: monuments, historic event or unique culture. This will help in completing guest quest for altogether different experience & look.Hotel interior design must keep sustainability & green feature in setting up bathroom in the guest rooms such as water recycling, single sink with large mirror.Room furniture & technology gadgets should be as per the guest requirements & budget. Business traveler needs working desk with internet connectivity.Leisure traveler is looking for nice entertainment system & furniture such as bean bag or rocking chair.Basic amenities like air conditioning, light controls, curtains, TV set, bed & intercom should be conveniently placed & in perfect working condition. Heavy usage & handling is expected by varied guest using the same facility in the guest room. Considering the usage items in the guest room should be high on durability.Interior design of hotel is a complex process as it involves creating best of facilities for people with different needs for temporary period. Target guest & their expectation can hold key to design hotel interiors. This way the budget of the overall design can also be kept under control. Overall hotel interior design needs to have capability to give refreshed look every time guest check in with minimal cost overruns on the hotel budget.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Lobby of your Hotel

            First impression is the last impression holds very true in case of a hotel lobby. Guest & probable customer make out the image of the hotel by looking at the lobby. It is a make or break deal for the hotel image. Hence utmost care should be taken for lobby design when planning out hotel interior design. Lobby space should be equally divided among social, service & intimate areas.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Your favorite room, your bedroom

The bedroom is the most intimate room for you and your spouse. So, make sure to keep in mind that you stick together in whatever you choose. Make it a truly relaxing retreat for yourselves. Make it a place that you will live through every moment. A place which is truly yours.

Take creativity to the next level inspiring warmth and comfort. Make things stand out by the way you design without compromising on style and other significant elements. So go ahead and redecorate your bedroom.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Three simple steps for creating a Fashionable Room

1)Bedroom furniture design:  Add a stand out and subtle pattern to make it look more spacious and uncluttered. A wooden look for the furniture can make the room more beautiful. Find eye catching accessories like a master piece painting or a designed mirror to change the glance of the entire bedroom. Furniture can also be in contrast with the shades of the wall. Make the most of space by arranging the nightstands, bed and furniture at its best. Though small, nightstands are purposeful and give aesthetic bedside look. For regal light fixtures use chandeliers as they have no counterpart. You can go with glass, metal or even a candle chandelier.

2)Bedroom color:  You can experiment with bold shades as per your choice. To brighten the room use different colors like light blue on one wall and light green on the other. Do not use combination like white color and some dark shade on the other. Let the room glow up by using glass to reflect light on the walls.

3)The Bed for the room:  Invest in a curvaceous shape bed to make it look spectacular. Always keep the bed low. Let the bed be very comfortable by choosing the finest quality mattress. Make no compromise on the most notable and appealing object of the room. You can buy crisp whiter bed linen and soothe the room. Always update your bed linen with attractive designs and colors. Don’t shy mixing up patterns like combining large prints with small ones. This will make it more stylish and classy. 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

It’s a homemade home!

Have had a stressful day? There is no place on earth to relax than your own cozy bedroom that sets you free and liberated from the clutches of the outside world. Then go ahead and get your room decorated with the finest things you have ever had. Dress your bedroom with the most contemporary style along with modern look. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Insights of our corporate Interior Designs

An impressively designed office not only reflects professionalism but also demonstrates progressiveness and thirst for excellence.Creative Interiors create exclusive and intrinsic designs for your offices. Make your work place beautiful with us 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Important things to remember if you are designing a hotel

The interior designer of the hotel has to keep in mind the elements which are highly net worthy for the clients. This includes a lively atmosphere, highly sanitized rooms and the style that has been used. To make it more inviting to the customers an interior designer of the hotel should be dynamic in his approach. The hotel's interior should be in the line with the theme of the hotel.Make your hotel more welcoming with amazing interiors.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Our valuable work

Paintings are necessary in a house. They add to the beauty of the house.Try putting some landscapes or portraits on your walls which will add elegance to your beautiful house.   

Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Bed for your Bedroom

Invest in a curvaceous shape bed to make it look spectacular. Always keep the bed low. Let the bed be very comfortable by choosing the finest quality mattress. Make no compromise on the most notable and appealing object of the room. You can buy crisp whiter bed linen and soothe the room. Always update your bed linen with attractive designs and colors. Don’t shy mixing up patterns like combining large prints with small ones. This will make it more stylish and classy. 

Friday, 2 May 2014

Clean lines, smooth designs

Kitchen is utilized at optimum level in a food loving family & especially where both the meals are prepared at home.  Kitchen layout should be with adequate spacing of kitchenware

Thursday, 1 May 2014

About the bedrooms

Bed is the key furniture in your bedroom & most preferred place to relax. Consider high preference in selecting the perfect bed made of durable raw materials. Teak wood with anti termite & fine polish would last for good 5 years. Prefer handpicked or self made décor to match your preference & taste as it is the only room which you can really call it your own. Fit wardrobe, reading table & bed side furniture at your ease.

Create a vision and passionately execute your ideas to make it a dream home. By your own creative ideas your home will have a stunning look and aesthetic appeal which will be appreciated by all. This will make your home uniquely yours.