Tuesday, 29 July 2014

When you renovate your home....(2)


Recycling old items from your grandmother’s trunk could be a great idea to add a zing to your house. Some old quilts could be painted to give a fresh look. Changing the place of your furniture a little bit would also go down well. Just keep in mind, don’t try to match everything with the color scheme that was there before. Change the look totally with new complimenting colors to give a new stylish yet sophisticated look to your house.

Play with your imagination. Try to be more creative in your thinking. Think of creating a very small garden like look in your house. A corner of the room can be highlighted with some colorful stones and pebbles along with some small plants. This will give a nice feel to your home and will look soothing to your eyes also. Renovate your closet too, with some paints and picture in it. You get bored of having a same look in the closet too.

Decorating is never ending; try changing the look of the house through these ideas every five years at least. It will give a fresh feel always

Sunday, 27 July 2014

When you renovate your home....

Interior Decoration generally speaking means giving a makeover to your home by changing the old furniture’s, antiques, and frames and color of the house. It’s like giving a new look without spending much on it. Let me give you some tips on doing so.

You can change the look of your walls by painting them on your own with some geometrical or abstract objects to give a chic look to the wall. Nice wallpaper can be used to accessorize the wall. There are cheap wallpapers available that can be used on temporary basis of a year or two. You can even give just borders to your house with wallpaper rather than applying it on the whole wall. These can be done with the help of double sided tapes. Change your rug to a carpet to give a different look to your flooring.

Changing the color pattern of your drapers, cushion covers and bed sheets would also highlight your room. It’s not necessary to go with your old color scheme you can use a totally new color which could be complementary with the walls and other items. You can paint your night lamps or add photos to it. Changing the decorative items like showpieces could be an added attraction. It’s not necessary to get some expensive pieces of decoration, you can get some really old antiques at a low price and glitter them to make it new.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Keep it Natural

After a log day at work we all need to go at home to relax and chill. Home is the only place where we feel the most comfortable. It is a heaven indeed if it’s made and decorated well. Make your home your house of dreams where you would love to stay the longest. A house is the reflection of their inmates. Interior designing not only changes the look of your home but gives an aesthetic feel to your house.

While doing the interiors of your home try and take inspiration from your surroundings and nature. Nothing soothes the eyes more than nature. Keep in mind while designing the size you want to allocate to each room; you are the person who best knows the size of rooms you want according to your use. The color palette should consist of warm and earthy tones like olive green, browns and whites. The more subtle the tones the more cool it will look. Repetition sounds little dumb but trust me a little repetition of colors give a nice continuous look to the home. The walls can be made more attractive through wallpapers at one side of the room. How about wallpaper with some scenic beauty. There are plenty of choices available to choose from.

Always opt to make large open glass windows. It allows natural light to sink in. why create an obstacle to view the natural beauty. It also makes the room look brighter and larger. The floorings of the house are other important aspect of designing. While choosing the floorings keep in mind that they have a well finished look. Opt for floorings that are anti skit, the ones which allow walking freely without slipping on it.

Try to create a focal point in every room while designing so that you can emphasize your designing on that aspect. A fireplace in a living room can be your focal point or a bed in your bedroom. A focal point helps you to work around it. Some greenery can be added with plants to give a cooling effect to the eyes. Make use of fabrics for bed sheets and cushions in natural prints and textures.

Selection of furniture should be stylish and ascetic that expresses your own style statement. Your furniture’s that is sofa set or even a bed in the bedroom should be comfortable enough to attract you and your guests. It should be well arranged to make the conversations easy.  

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist interior designing means very simple interior decoration of the house. It takes into considerations only the basic necessities of living. In minimalist designing less is more exquisite. People believe that minimalist designing is more of a traditional one which is not true. Minimalist interior can be even done in modern style. People with simple living and higher standard of living opt for a minimalist interior designing style. It has a light, stress free and sleek look

Everything from the ceiling to the flooring has a very simple yet unique look. The walls have simple and sober neutral shades. Neutral look best with the minimalist interior design. You can highlight one wall in a different shade that has a contrasting effect. The wall decoration is kept very aesthetic with minimum décor on the wall. Even the flooring has to be kept very simple and plain with creams or beige and white tones.Windows of the rooms are kept simple with white sheer drapes and blinds for privacy.

The furniture in minimalist design has a more of a functional use rather than it being a piece of decoration. The furniture used is kept simple and elegant. Only basic necessary items of furniture are used, bulky looking items are avoided. Lighting used is more of a pendant lights or concealed lights for brightness in the rooms. For the decoration of the room keep it really minimal with just some photo frames and vases on the table.

Minimalist style of designing is great for smaller house because it utilizes all the space wisely for extra storage. Importance is given to storage rather than decoration in the room. It has been founding more popularity with even high profiled people who want simplicity at home.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Latest Interior Designs-: A Quick Makeover

There are many new styles and trends that keep on coming in our society. We have some really fabulous ideas to change your simple and decent looking home in to a stylish pad. These will help you create a classy look for your home.

Tips to make your home beautiful-:

1) Decorating your wall is more easy and fun. You can just tear of a favorite page from your coffe table magazine or newspaper and hang it or frame it up stylishly. This is not expensive at all and can be changed every now and then to give a new look to the home every time. This is the new trend that’s going on amongst the middle class too.

2) Nowadays it’s very much in trend to instantly change the look of the house by using wallpaper. If you feel it won’t come out easily and will stay forever then try out a wall decal. They are smooth like a temporary tattoo and can be removed very easily.

3) Roll over rugs on the floorings for a change rather than just plain wooden or tiles flooring. During the festive seasons it gives a nice traditional look too.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Living Room Design Ideas- Stylish and Classy look

Living room is normally a place where you gather with your family over a cup of coffee or a chat. The living room has to be lively as people live here. The color of your living room should depend on the preferences of all the members of the family. It has to be those colors which would soothe the eyes of all the inmates. Warm and cool colors go well for the living room. Like the olive green and grey.

The decorating items in the living room need not be on the shelves, try using a wall instead to hang all the decorative items. It will occupy less of the space too. You can show up your creativity or any of the inmates handmade items can be used for decorating one side of the wall. Shadow boxers or self stick hooks can be used for hanging these items rather than hammering nails in the walls. If you have a cabinet made for books and showpieces than leave some space between for breathing. Don’t fill up the shelves leave spaces in between it looks more appealing to the eyes. You can use under counter lights in the shelves to highlight the glass photo frames.

Make covered storage in the living room to make it look clutter free. Living room is the only place in the house where everyone keeps dumping things as and when they come from office or schools. Choose cabinets that have drawers, hooks, and shelves to keep purses, keys, mobile phones, shoes and other spare items. Keep your living room neat and clean because that’s the place for all guests also have their first impression of your home.

The curtains of the room should be of the dominant color of the furniture. Keep the curtains bright in color. The sitting arrangement in the living room has to be cozy and the placement of sofas has to be in such a way that guest can talk closely to each other. Avoid putting up all the furniture in a single line. Sofas in a line don’t look good. Let them be scattered so that people while sitting are close to each other.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Contemporary Interior Design- The modern look.

Contemporary basically means what is in and new. It’s modern yet has a traditional touch to it. It is very popular and favorite today with all the interior designer lovers. The furniture used is classic and timeless. Contemporary style is basically pure white or aqua blue in which you add the whole color spectrum. This color scheme warms up the room with brighter shades to emphasize on them. It involves the designer to play with all the colors but tastefully as contemporary designing concept is broader and much prettier. The way you use different colors on the white background is very important. It shows the creativity of the designer. In this style you can always make changes as per your tastes. Everything goes really well with these shades. Just keep in mind for the best contemporary look your color palette needs to have pales and neutral shades. 

The walls in contemporary designing are kept simple and highlighted with some artistic paintings and artworks. Don’t try to get fussy with wallpapers as these don’t suit the contemporary designing. The flooring of contemporary designing is very simple. A plain carpet maybe or wooden finished flooring would go very well with the concept. If your walls are very plain and flatly painted then a cushioned carpet would look very stylish and give a great effect to the flooring.

In a contemporary look the bedrooms should have a monochrome color scheme. Avoid girly colors such as pinks and pastels or light shades. The look of bedroom in contemporary designing has to be very sleek and stylish.

For the décor of your home in contemporary designing there are lots of furniture and objects available in the market that can be added to your room. Bright colored objects are preferable. Items in glass wood and metal will look classy with this style. Avoid ornate objects as they make it look giddy. Arrange the items well without making it look messy. Things should be placed well and the place should not look much cluttered. Do not overdo it with heavy embellished items; keep it real simple and classy. Try to keep a balance when combining colors and finishes so that your house looks well synchronized.
Contemporary style is such that you can make changes anytime according to your conveniences. There’s no rule or format to follow. The new trends and style keep on coming up and you can easily keep on adding it to your home interiors.