Tuesday, 29 July 2014

When you renovate your home....(2)


Recycling old items from your grandmother’s trunk could be a great idea to add a zing to your house. Some old quilts could be painted to give a fresh look. Changing the place of your furniture a little bit would also go down well. Just keep in mind, don’t try to match everything with the color scheme that was there before. Change the look totally with new complimenting colors to give a new stylish yet sophisticated look to your house.

Play with your imagination. Try to be more creative in your thinking. Think of creating a very small garden like look in your house. A corner of the room can be highlighted with some colorful stones and pebbles along with some small plants. This will give a nice feel to your home and will look soothing to your eyes also. Renovate your closet too, with some paints and picture in it. You get bored of having a same look in the closet too.

Decorating is never ending; try changing the look of the house through these ideas every five years at least. It will give a fresh feel always

Sunday, 27 July 2014

When you renovate your home....

Interior Decoration generally speaking means giving a makeover to your home by changing the old furniture’s, antiques, and frames and color of the house. It’s like giving a new look without spending much on it. Let me give you some tips on doing so.

You can change the look of your walls by painting them on your own with some geometrical or abstract objects to give a chic look to the wall. Nice wallpaper can be used to accessorize the wall. There are cheap wallpapers available that can be used on temporary basis of a year or two. You can even give just borders to your house with wallpaper rather than applying it on the whole wall. These can be done with the help of double sided tapes. Change your rug to a carpet to give a different look to your flooring.

Changing the color pattern of your drapers, cushion covers and bed sheets would also highlight your room. It’s not necessary to go with your old color scheme you can use a totally new color which could be complementary with the walls and other items. You can paint your night lamps or add photos to it. Changing the decorative items like showpieces could be an added attraction. It’s not necessary to get some expensive pieces of decoration, you can get some really old antiques at a low price and glitter them to make it new.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Keep it Natural

After a log day at work we all need to go at home to relax and chill. Home is the only place where we feel the most comfortable. It is a heaven indeed if it’s made and decorated well. Make your home your house of dreams where you would love to stay the longest. A house is the reflection of their inmates. Interior designing not only changes the look of your home but gives an aesthetic feel to your house.

While doing the interiors of your home try and take inspiration from your surroundings and nature. Nothing soothes the eyes more than nature. Keep in mind while designing the size you want to allocate to each room; you are the person who best knows the size of rooms you want according to your use. The color palette should consist of warm and earthy tones like olive green, browns and whites. The more subtle the tones the more cool it will look. Repetition sounds little dumb but trust me a little repetition of colors give a nice continuous look to the home. The walls can be made more attractive through wallpapers at one side of the room. How about wallpaper with some scenic beauty. There are plenty of choices available to choose from.

Always opt to make large open glass windows. It allows natural light to sink in. why create an obstacle to view the natural beauty. It also makes the room look brighter and larger. The floorings of the house are other important aspect of designing. While choosing the floorings keep in mind that they have a well finished look. Opt for floorings that are anti skit, the ones which allow walking freely without slipping on it.

Try to create a focal point in every room while designing so that you can emphasize your designing on that aspect. A fireplace in a living room can be your focal point or a bed in your bedroom. A focal point helps you to work around it. Some greenery can be added with plants to give a cooling effect to the eyes. Make use of fabrics for bed sheets and cushions in natural prints and textures.

Selection of furniture should be stylish and ascetic that expresses your own style statement. Your furniture’s that is sofa set or even a bed in the bedroom should be comfortable enough to attract you and your guests. It should be well arranged to make the conversations easy.  

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist interior designing means very simple interior decoration of the house. It takes into considerations only the basic necessities of living. In minimalist designing less is more exquisite. People believe that minimalist designing is more of a traditional one which is not true. Minimalist interior can be even done in modern style. People with simple living and higher standard of living opt for a minimalist interior designing style. It has a light, stress free and sleek look

Everything from the ceiling to the flooring has a very simple yet unique look. The walls have simple and sober neutral shades. Neutral look best with the minimalist interior design. You can highlight one wall in a different shade that has a contrasting effect. The wall decoration is kept very aesthetic with minimum décor on the wall. Even the flooring has to be kept very simple and plain with creams or beige and white tones.Windows of the rooms are kept simple with white sheer drapes and blinds for privacy.

The furniture in minimalist design has a more of a functional use rather than it being a piece of decoration. The furniture used is kept simple and elegant. Only basic necessary items of furniture are used, bulky looking items are avoided. Lighting used is more of a pendant lights or concealed lights for brightness in the rooms. For the decoration of the room keep it really minimal with just some photo frames and vases on the table.

Minimalist style of designing is great for smaller house because it utilizes all the space wisely for extra storage. Importance is given to storage rather than decoration in the room. It has been founding more popularity with even high profiled people who want simplicity at home.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Latest Interior Designs-: A Quick Makeover

There are many new styles and trends that keep on coming in our society. We have some really fabulous ideas to change your simple and decent looking home in to a stylish pad. These will help you create a classy look for your home.

Tips to make your home beautiful-:

1) Decorating your wall is more easy and fun. You can just tear of a favorite page from your coffe table magazine or newspaper and hang it or frame it up stylishly. This is not expensive at all and can be changed every now and then to give a new look to the home every time. This is the new trend that’s going on amongst the middle class too.

2) Nowadays it’s very much in trend to instantly change the look of the house by using wallpaper. If you feel it won’t come out easily and will stay forever then try out a wall decal. They are smooth like a temporary tattoo and can be removed very easily.

3) Roll over rugs on the floorings for a change rather than just plain wooden or tiles flooring. During the festive seasons it gives a nice traditional look too.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Living Room Design Ideas- Stylish and Classy look

Living room is normally a place where you gather with your family over a cup of coffee or a chat. The living room has to be lively as people live here. The color of your living room should depend on the preferences of all the members of the family. It has to be those colors which would soothe the eyes of all the inmates. Warm and cool colors go well for the living room. Like the olive green and grey.

The decorating items in the living room need not be on the shelves, try using a wall instead to hang all the decorative items. It will occupy less of the space too. You can show up your creativity or any of the inmates handmade items can be used for decorating one side of the wall. Shadow boxers or self stick hooks can be used for hanging these items rather than hammering nails in the walls. If you have a cabinet made for books and showpieces than leave some space between for breathing. Don’t fill up the shelves leave spaces in between it looks more appealing to the eyes. You can use under counter lights in the shelves to highlight the glass photo frames.

Make covered storage in the living room to make it look clutter free. Living room is the only place in the house where everyone keeps dumping things as and when they come from office or schools. Choose cabinets that have drawers, hooks, and shelves to keep purses, keys, mobile phones, shoes and other spare items. Keep your living room neat and clean because that’s the place for all guests also have their first impression of your home.

The curtains of the room should be of the dominant color of the furniture. Keep the curtains bright in color. The sitting arrangement in the living room has to be cozy and the placement of sofas has to be in such a way that guest can talk closely to each other. Avoid putting up all the furniture in a single line. Sofas in a line don’t look good. Let them be scattered so that people while sitting are close to each other.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Contemporary Interior Design- The modern look.

Contemporary basically means what is in and new. It’s modern yet has a traditional touch to it. It is very popular and favorite today with all the interior designer lovers. The furniture used is classic and timeless. Contemporary style is basically pure white or aqua blue in which you add the whole color spectrum. This color scheme warms up the room with brighter shades to emphasize on them. It involves the designer to play with all the colors but tastefully as contemporary designing concept is broader and much prettier. The way you use different colors on the white background is very important. It shows the creativity of the designer. In this style you can always make changes as per your tastes. Everything goes really well with these shades. Just keep in mind for the best contemporary look your color palette needs to have pales and neutral shades. 

The walls in contemporary designing are kept simple and highlighted with some artistic paintings and artworks. Don’t try to get fussy with wallpapers as these don’t suit the contemporary designing. The flooring of contemporary designing is very simple. A plain carpet maybe or wooden finished flooring would go very well with the concept. If your walls are very plain and flatly painted then a cushioned carpet would look very stylish and give a great effect to the flooring.

In a contemporary look the bedrooms should have a monochrome color scheme. Avoid girly colors such as pinks and pastels or light shades. The look of bedroom in contemporary designing has to be very sleek and stylish.

For the décor of your home in contemporary designing there are lots of furniture and objects available in the market that can be added to your room. Bright colored objects are preferable. Items in glass wood and metal will look classy with this style. Avoid ornate objects as they make it look giddy. Arrange the items well without making it look messy. Things should be placed well and the place should not look much cluttered. Do not overdo it with heavy embellished items; keep it real simple and classy. Try to keep a balance when combining colors and finishes so that your house looks well synchronized.
Contemporary style is such that you can make changes anytime according to your conveniences. There’s no rule or format to follow. The new trends and style keep on coming up and you can easily keep on adding it to your home interiors.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Designing is thinking made visual

Even before you make an offer on a new place, get ahead of the game by starting this process. This critical first step will not only make your current digs easier to pack up, but it will put you miles ahead during move-in. Be strong and rid yourself of anywhere from 25 percent to 50 percent of your old stuff: wobbly furniture in the attic, faulty appliances in the garage, questionable accessories you received as gifts. This is the perfect time to start over. Pare down your accumulated possessions to the minimal amount. Have a garage sale, auction it off on eBay or donate it to charity. You'll be amazed at what you won't miss.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

History of Interior Design

Interior designing as a main profession existed only in the twentieth century. Through ages people have been decorating their houses in different ways. The ancient cavemen would decorate their caves by painting on the walls of the cave. There has been a constant improvement on the decoration and interiors of the houses since then. Those ancient men would have paintings of trees, animals and human on the walls. Animal skins and horns were used to decorate houses. 
The middle class women in the nineteenth century were more homely women who used to be at home and take care of all the little things related to their home. They were the ones who would make efforts to make their atmosphere comfortable and pleasing to the eyes. The desire to do something creative and new in their home everyday made them decorators of their own house. The women were keen on knowing new things to make their houses more beautiful which gave rise to professionals.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Glimpse of a stylish kitchen.

What makes this kitchen so beautiful is its architectural features. A blast of stylish kitchen design with sophisticated decor and a trendy twist.

Friday, 4 July 2014

How To Design Your Own Kitchen

Home is where the heart is and the heart of the home is our kitchen. This is the place in the house where we share our daily meals along with some gossiping. The atmosphere of the kitchen has to be warm with a homey feeling. Always try to make your kitchen bright and lightened rather than pale and dull. Kitchen interior designing needs careful planning.

But if you have a small kitchen than opt for pastel and lighter shades of white and yellow it makes your kitchen seem larger. If dark colors are used in smaller kitchen it will make your kitchen look all the smaller. Put up lots of lights in smaller kitchen so that it does not look dark. The kitchen will appear darker if there are no windows, so adequate amount of lights are very essential. Make it a point to have proper lights at the centre of the kitchen in the ceiling and may be the cabinets too.
The other most important thing to consider when designing your own kitchen is storage facility. No matter how spacious you try to be you will always tend to find the kitchen cluttered and messy due to shortage of space. The corners of the kitchen have to be well utilized for storage of appliances and other items. Dividers in drawers are very useful as it creates more space. Try and utilize the spaces below the sinks for putting your dustbins as it will save more of a carpet space. To increase the visual sizes of the kitchen opt for small size tile or prints rather than larger size.

The size of the platform of your main kitchen has to be big enough so that you feel comfortable while cooking and do not mess up. Try and maintain a proper distance between the refrigerator sink and the platform. It’s irritating if you have to hop skip and jump here and there to reach all the appliances. Be very systematical in arranging all the appliances. In my view a kitchen that is triangular is more preferable and comfortable too.

The kitchen is that part of the home where you try to be more creative with your culinary skills. All the creative ideas while cooking comes up in the kitchen so it has to be well organized and maintained. Kitchen is the most important place where the whole family comes together for all the meals.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Some more tips on How to Become an Interior Designer

    Most important of all the above qualities a proper affiliated course in interior designing is very essential to have a successful career. To test their designing and drawing skills a candidate has to clear an entrance exam. A portfolio too is needed in the college to showcase their skills and ideas of drawing. To get yourself enrolled in a good institute for interior designing a minimum qualification of 10+2 is required. The places where you can study these courses are The Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahemdabad it offers a five year program in interior design to students who have completed their senior school with science, Exterior Interiors, in New Delhi, Apeejay Institute of Design, DIA Academy, and Raffles Millennium Institute in Delhi. There are numerous other institutes all over India which provide best courses for interior designing. Interior designing can be pursued even through a polytechnic or a private institution that provides specialization in this field.

You have to meet lots of people from all the walks of life. Networking and interpersonal skills are a must in this profession to get interesting projects.  Create contacts with personalities to get some interesting projects in hand. You have to be mentally prepared to adjust your timings for your work schedule. You might have unpredictable work timings to cope with excess of work burden.
    Client satisfaction is the most important thing in this field. If you feel you have the capability and understanding of transforming a simple house in to a beautiful paradise by adding your own creative touch to it then you are right in taking up the profession of interior designing.

Friday, 27 June 2014

How to Become an Interior Designer- Basic Tips to Start

    To become an interior designer is not an easy job. You have to be very creative in nature. Only educating yourself in the course of interior design is not adequate, you need to have an innate quality of creativeness. Understanding of colors and their effects on the mind is equally important in an interior designer’s field.  You should have a keen interest and likeness towards the field.

    You should have the ability to understand your client’s point of view. His needs, style and objective have to be considered. You have to keep in mind his budget while working.  While working on the client’s project you should understand his lifestyles and personality and work according to his taste. Meetings with the clients and knowing him better would give you a better idea about his personality and lifestyle. 

Stay tuned some more to come.....

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A picture of efficient work culture.

Make smart use of space and creative ways to design the office.  Image is very important for the company as it speaks more than words. The smartest thing to do is to hire an office interior designer which will make 10-20% more usage in your office. Emphasize on the objective of the company to him which leaves a positive impression on the client.  Also make sure you communicate about occupant’s strength of the company. He will turn this visible space into a usable space.

Some inputs for office interior design are as follows:

ü  A person will be unproductive, boring and lethargic if the office atmosphere will be cluttered. Output will be elevated if the space is comfortable, flexible and personal.

ü  External noise creates distraction and results in low productivity. It is the biggest hindrance for focus and efficiency. The feel should be quiet and relaxing.

ü  Bright colors create positive vibes among team members. Energetic and confident attitude is promoted amongst them. Green color is best suited to re-energize enthuse your team.

ü  Late office hours are stressful. So using chairs with adjustable position can relax back pain and arm rest is often recommended. Chairs should be kept facing the window or door so it causes less strain on the eyes.

ü  Depending on the Nature of the work, job specific furnishings should be designed. One has to keep in mind future business requirements like hiring new personnel for the job. Space therefore should be well designed.  E.g.: an airline reservation desk employee has to attend calls and no interaction with other employees. He should have enough of room to make himself comfortable.

ü  Stress busters like plants which give oxygen and aerate the room. Place them on the corners instead using designer equipment and antiques.

ü  Avoid traditional yellow lamps and replace with bluish ones which is similar to natural light.

ü  Use latest technology like space should be as flexible as possible by creating “plug and play” for the   individuals to work on their laptops.

ü  Enough of space between different departments and the workers themselves so they don’t crash with each other. Basic idea is to avoid inconvenience to any other team.

ü  Allocating space wisely to a group of people who do different tasks. Like an engineer is mostly found on his desk while sales person or president are there for a couple of hours.

   Simple and unique office creates an image both in minds of the employees and the clients. Create space which is for the well-being of the employees.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Some more styles for you.

Garden: This style is often ideal for nature lovers. A room full of plants with natural light surging in through large windows beautifies the landscape pictures in the house. Vibrant and natural colors are used for each living space.  


Asian: Space usage in the key or the priority to decorate a house in Asian Style. Keeping the centre of the room empty refers to the openness of the heart in Asian cultures. Subtle colors are used and bright colors to highlight focal points in a room.


New York: This style has its furniture in contrast to the wall colors. Often the place to fit in the furniture is around the edges of the room keeping in mind a wide range of space to move about through main corridors. Light fixtures are used to attract vision of displayed accents at each point. Similarly, storage place is also widely available made of furniture with different materials.


Eclectic: The room can be transformed giving a miscellaneous look with a varied number of decorating items. Many people choose this style as they enjoy different aspects of any of the above interior. Colors choice is left open according to the taste of the individual. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Styles in many forms.

Designing home styles have progress over the centuries in comeback to the varying flavor of various groups of people. Each approach has benefits to the people who will benefit from the home for many years to come up to. Many styles were born out of earlier styles and have developed into a separate type of decorating for certain belief. Each of the following plans articulate qualities and taste precise to an era.

Shabby chic:  Integration of white interior walls, floors and ceilings with vintage items on your recycled furniture. Using soft and neutral colors enrich the look of the items displayed.

Traditional look: A traditional look from the 60’s and 70’s is often preferred for a timeless home. Its traditional sense is appreciated for people who want to set a formal look. Fabrics often favored are silks, brocades and satin for decorating styles.

Swedish style: Focusing on those interesting objects that are displayed to gain maximum visual appeal. Visitors can therefore observe each minute piece more closely. Vibrant colors are often chosen to be the central spot. 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Do it the Vintage style

Are you worn-out of present everyday around you? Then give up with your present décor and reinvent yourself by refurnishing your house in the vintage style or simply old world or Victoria. “Out with new and in with the old” will sum up to your cozy & lavish style. This style comes with comfort and calm down vibes. With vintage you don’t have to shoot up your budget since you replace items which have started to look old. It gives an opportunity to merge both old and new pieces of furnishings and accessories which can be appealing.

The color palette: - Using pastel colors like pink, green, blue & yellow and embellishing it further with floral, polka dots, and varied pattern upholstery will bring in the magic of the Victorian era. This can give a breezy and casual vintage look compared to bright colors.

Furniture: - While selecting the furniture remember that mismatched furniture always works well. A rocking chair and stools are two things which you should never let it go. The furniture should be antique and painted in soft shades white wash wardrobes, leather sofas, old cabinets, standing floor mirrors, wooden chest are some of the things which you can experiment. To transform your room you can even restore the existing furniture to make it last longer. This gives your vintage items a new life.

Accessories: - The input to a genuine vintage look is vintage pieces which might include second hand pieces as well. The key pieces could be old lamp shades, floral fabrics, wrought iron furniture, lace cloth tables, unusual and recycled accessories can bright up and give it a classic approach. Look for handmade products like fabrics and quilts which gives your house a more intimate feel.

Displaying things: - There is no ruling about putting the pieces together. The way you visualize and want to present your décor is up to you. Create a theme for your decors and accordingly interpret how to put them in the right place. Vintage is just the impact of your mismatched bits and pieces gathered.
Give your house a unique look by assembling your vintage piece and other small décor parts. Deal with the things that you possess and get started with them. You can shop anywhere like an online website or even flea markets by knowing beforehand what you want.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is the true essence of beauty. Take creativity to the next level inspiring warmth and comfort. Make things stand out by the way you design without compromising on style and other significant elements. Thats the idea.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

A perfect home!

Want a house which looks trendy, modern and fashionable?  The best way to decorate is to blend both function and design which will give it a modern look. Many people simply end up buying any furniture and decorations having no general idea how to do it effectively. Items look good but are uncomfortable with very less functional purpose. Modern interior design will tell you to be as trendy as possible along with minimalistic design which forms an essential part of the overall décor. The only thing that differs between traditional and modern interior design is “Technical Advancements”.
Modern homes are therefore technically advanced and eco friendly. These designs are simple and give an aesthetic appearance to enhance the beauty of the house. With infusing advanced new techniques you can make your life easier and just worth it. If you don’t mind spending you can upgrade features from time to time.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Living Room: First room for your guest.

Living room is the place where you find place to settle most of the things. This room can give a glance to the guests about creativity and your personality. Keep it uncluttered while keeping enough storage for your essentials in an orderly manner. Give the living room a feel free space which is very crucial. Basically it has to make you feel happy and fulfill your needs. Keep things simple and as desirable by you.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Choose your Expertise well

Looking for an interior design company who can best meet your criterion?  Then it is very important for you to research, which interior design company will give you quality service. You can check out magazines and Google about various companies. The other referrals could be your family and friends who might have used such services before can guide you on this path. Make sure you select certifiable and conformable company with all the required credentials. Be wise while making a decision to opt for the best team.
§          Keep in mind some essential things before deciding on handing over your dream home:

Selecting a company: Do you look for a designer firm whose is working for decades now? Or someone who could focus on your goals and give it a special feel? It is absolutely necessary to look for a company whose work is appealing and done efficiently.  This is the most important and critical step so check out every minute details of the company.

Companies work profile: Visit company’s websites to see their past work and have an overview of the same. This will tell you more about company’s portfolio and their nature of work. Information on various projects undertaken will help you in acting upon your decision.

Good communication with the designer: Now, that you have made up your mind about the company, see that you share a good rapport with them. The interior designer company is the creative geniuses which will make things happen for you. The dream will now become a reality. Share your goals and intentions. Do not hesitate on the budget criteria and give your preferences. Over emphasizing on the budget could lead to poor work and low standard quality.

Get the best: Make sure the expertise on this project can turn your dream into a reality. The company is working for you so see to it that you get consulted and are involved in any decision making. The period for completing the project on time is an essential fact to be considered. Customer satisfaction is the main motto of the interior design companies. So make sure you get the best while they do their job.

Get the best out of the company and hire designer who works for you. The things he chooses for you have to bring happiness and excites you. On completion, you should be the most content and joyful person on the earth.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Making Cooking Enjoyable:

Cooking is much more pleasant in like-minded environments with attractive fittings, plenty of brightness and room to unnerve those pots and pans.

As a family everyone wants a room where they can move on comfortably. It should be designed in such a fashion that multiple people can work at the same time. For instance one can prepare a meal and the others can prepare their own snack.

Combination of technology, better design and varying lifestyles and attitudes ensures that the kitchen is proudly reasserting its spot at the heart of the residence.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Living the kitchen trends

Popular amongst kitchen are the old fashioned one with elaborate mouldings and with antique paint with traditional styles which are always popular. Traditional kitchen is mostly adopted due to one main reason in both modern as well as old age is because they represent the culture.
Kitchen and dining area is a placidly appealing space. Nowadays modular kitchen with granite flooring with solid flush doors adds to the scintillating look to your home.
When designing a new kitchen considering the milieu of all the living spaces of the house makes good intellect. To have an effective kitchen, it's better to construct the right breathing space first.

Space setting up is precedence. This includes looking at passage flow and someplace to position furniture - something not often looked at before time sufficient in the process.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Dining becomes a pleasure with Designers dazzling interiors

· Dining out in a high end restaurant is an opportunity to engross you in not only a good food and conversation but in a climate that makes the boring everyday world feels better and pleasant. It’s not a surprise or a wonder to see restaurants turning into places with most innovative interiors around the world. Incorporation of technology, Culture, Art amongst other themes to create a most striking place for diners to have eat out and enjoy the spectacular moment of their life.

·Lights: Lights are most attractive and play a very important role in creating a soothing or romantic mood for diners to enjoy the great taste of the food served.

·Color: Colors plays a very important role to have a feel of the place that you would like to have your food:
1.Light and cool color makes the restaurant looks spacious and bigger.
2.A delicate color makes you feel relaxing.
3.Darkness and Warmth in color combination keeps the space from feeling cosmic.
4.Boldness encourages children’s and fast food turnover.
5.Color depicts a style in it, i.e. Nature, Modern or a Retro Look.

Furniture: Furniture’s of your restaurant should never feel unsafe to your customer. They should be designed in such a manner that they look elegant, attractive and at the same time can hold customers valuable items so that they don’t have to have a look at them again and again.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Why the Interior of your Hotel is necessary?

Designing the interiors not only plays a big role in getting customers for your restaurants along with the good quality foodstuff and immense service but also get you your customers in this cutthroat competitive world.
Competition plays a very crucial part in today’s world. You have to try to be better than your competitors to get your customers to you.
Creative dining environment is a good solution as people want to eat in an atmosphere that is pleasant and transmits them the feeling they want to entertain themselves in. An exclusive interior design will make a distinctive you from the ordinary restaurants in the market and will create a brand image in the minds of the customer for you.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Conference Room of your Office.

It is a business room where serious and important discussions take place. It is also used for group discussion and training purposes. Tinted glass on walls looks good because there is nothing much to decorate a business room. Table is the center piece of the room. The projector screen and the table should have adequate space between them. Use carpets on the flooring to avoid disturbance in the room.  Do not load conference room with several items and make it compact.

Unlike home interior design, corporate interior design is not really a creative job. It is better described as convenient and work enthusiastic environment. Work place should be designed keeping in mind individual’s basic need of comfort and cozy.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Corporate interior design: Designing for creative minds.

Corporate office is a place where people from different work culture and backgrounds interact on daily basis to make each day lucrative and rewarding. For making it more functional and productive manifestation and appearance should be at its best. Designing the best corporate office can create a respectable image before your clients and subordinates. Points to keep in mind while designing office space:

Create a work ambiance: Corporate interior design should be seriously taken as ideas, goals and achievement of the individual reflects. It should also be highly designed to please the clients. Office place has to be appealing for the new clients to attract good business deals. It is a sign of innovation and vigorous staff being at work.

Enhance working environment: Going with the greens like bringing plants as decorative and natural object can beautify office space. It creates positive and healthy environment for improving productivity. Such settings at work have great psychological and emotional impact. Therefore many organizations prefer landscaping designs for staff enjoyment.

Individual space and colors: Though office rentals are very high, priority concerned is to design cubicles in such a way which give personal space to the subordinates. Vibrant colors often distract work so use color that pacific the workflow. Too bright colors reflect on monitors and are no good to the eyes.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Interior designing tips for small houses.

Sounds like a challenging job because of limited space and options available? Lighten up, brighten up and live up to your expectations giving it a heavenly look. Bring in patterns and furniture which can show up the beauty of the small space. Don’t clutter the room with unnecessary stuff which could not even allow you to move about.

Apply simple and unique designs with the help of these key words:

§ Keep the room easy and organized by enough of air space and limited but well planned in anything you choose.

§ Choose furniture by size and proportion or this will make the room unstructured. Get multi storage furniture which would serve your purpose to store blankets, pillows, clothes etc. Bad furniture arrangement will undersize your area.

§ An alternative to bed can be a sofa cum bed or a wall bed which can be put away or be fixed to the wall after use.

§ Select one pacifying color to enhance the look of this small room. Do not paint the walls with different shades and mess up the entire thing. Use colors like baby blue, light pink or lavender.

§ Trim down the huge windows which limit light in the room and replace it with blinds. Use designer blinds in fabrics for that extra appreciation.

§ Fresh plants should be placed to give a vibrant and fresh feel. Adding a bouquet of fresh flowers on a table vase can work well.

§ Change your flooring as this can mould and transform the room to a larger space. Using light wood flooring can spice up the look.

§ Do not place your antiques straight before the wall. The best place it put them is using corners and around windows.

§ Use glass barriers to separate the room and make the maximum of space. It is the contemporary way to make the area appear bigger.

§ Fix up wall lamps or hanging lamps to make optimum use of the wall. Also set up tour television books and stereo on cabinets that are affixed to the wall.

§ Prioritize only those items which you can’t live without. Decide on which strategy can be more spacious and can give enough liberty to move around.

Eventually the design should efficiently use each corner of the room with intelligent furniture fittings. It means every furniture should have multipurpose & storage functionality.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Bathroom interior design: The smallest yet stylish.

Bathroom is a place of maximum usage so needs to be well designed and look attractive. It should not be overlooked by any householder as this closely packed room is just too essential. To an interior designer, this compact space is a great challenging job to redesign and do a makeover. He thinks of every element in bathroom and will give enough space to each. This will make a small washing room not only functional but give an aesthetic look.
Though small, bathroom interior design can give you an assorted stuff and variety of items to choose from. Some important points to keep in mind before you go ahead and redecorate your bathroom

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Luxury:Above Needs

Luxury is defined as the best that life has to offer,an endless supply of amenities, a legendary setting, wondrous tranquility, spectacular scenery and the opportunity to embrace each moment because every needs has been satisfied.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Your House is your happy place.

A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually. – John Saladino
The above quote is rightly said. Our house is the only place we all belong to. The place we live in should always make us happy and lively. When you chose the interiors of your house,make a point that it glads you.

Friday, 16 May 2014

The rooms of the hotels

Creativity in interior room design with unique components will have a lasting impression in guest’s mind. Take a change by having wall with bold & diverse color combinations. Decorate the room with local landmark or USP of the place. Example: monuments, historic event or unique culture. This will help in completing guest quest for altogether different experience & look. 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Responsibility of an Interior Designer

Three important duties of an Interior Designer.
Ø  Meeting with clients: The most important for easy and smooth flow of the entire procedure is the communication skills of the interior designer. Effective communication cannot be a barrier while discussing wants and preferences. Secondly, to determine client needs one has to often keep meeting and discussing decorating needs. Frequent site meetings, where both minds involved can decide and visualize space layouts. Some clients might want advice and suggestions for creating a stylish look while others might have a clear picture of their desires.
Ø  Plan out work:  A vision for creativity can keep clients happy. While executing ideas owner’s intentions should be the priority. Interior designer basic profile is to map out space, furniture locations and overall view of the room. He uses software to decide beforehand the quality of the fabrics, color palettes and patterns before purchase. Once done can get approval by the client.

Ø  Buying furnishing: The entire responsibility of making purchases, delivery and installation is on the interior designer. He has to make sure that the appliances purchased fit the space at its finest. Pick up items like furniture, lightening and fabrics keeping in mind what clients wants. An interior designer can be wholly responsible in some tasks while some might have inquisitive clients.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Who is an Interior Designer?

An interior designer can wisely change an interior space into an effective setting. His job is to emphasize more on planning and functional design with its art work. With best technical knowledge his plan is to execute the space and decorative layout for the client. An interior designer will remodel an existing structure keeping in mind the vision of the client.
He designs architectural features that best describes a modern and fresh look for your interior. A beautiful appearance by interior designer will have realistic situation and artistic idea. At times he might even ask you to part with your sentimental items which might not look elegant nor can be refurbished.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Your hotel's Recreation Area

Considering the kind of expected guest the facilities should be designed.
Hotel with commercial & business guest:-
Specialty spa/massage area for relaxing after long day of business meets Bar with wood furniture giving a mature look.Theme restaurant with high service standard. On the contrary for hotel with young & energetic crowd:Design elaborate pool area to relax & kill time.Discotheque with bar & dance floor complementing each other.Game zone such with pool & table tennis table.Gym with equipment mostly used by young generation .
Guest Rooms:-
Creativity in interior room design with unique components will have a lasting impression in guest’s mind. Take a change by having wall with bold & diverse color combinations. Decorate the room with local landmark or USP of the place. Example: monuments, historic event or unique culture. This will help in completing guest quest for altogether different experience & look.Hotel interior design must keep sustainability & green feature in setting up bathroom in the guest rooms such as water recycling, single sink with large mirror.Room furniture & technology gadgets should be as per the guest requirements & budget. Business traveler needs working desk with internet connectivity.Leisure traveler is looking for nice entertainment system & furniture such as bean bag or rocking chair.Basic amenities like air conditioning, light controls, curtains, TV set, bed & intercom should be conveniently placed & in perfect working condition. Heavy usage & handling is expected by varied guest using the same facility in the guest room. Considering the usage items in the guest room should be high on durability.Interior design of hotel is a complex process as it involves creating best of facilities for people with different needs for temporary period. Target guest & their expectation can hold key to design hotel interiors. This way the budget of the overall design can also be kept under control. Overall hotel interior design needs to have capability to give refreshed look every time guest check in with minimal cost overruns on the hotel budget.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Lobby of your Hotel

            First impression is the last impression holds very true in case of a hotel lobby. Guest & probable customer make out the image of the hotel by looking at the lobby. It is a make or break deal for the hotel image. Hence utmost care should be taken for lobby design when planning out hotel interior design. Lobby space should be equally divided among social, service & intimate areas.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Your favorite room, your bedroom

The bedroom is the most intimate room for you and your spouse. So, make sure to keep in mind that you stick together in whatever you choose. Make it a truly relaxing retreat for yourselves. Make it a place that you will live through every moment. A place which is truly yours.

Take creativity to the next level inspiring warmth and comfort. Make things stand out by the way you design without compromising on style and other significant elements. So go ahead and redecorate your bedroom.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Three simple steps for creating a Fashionable Room

1)Bedroom furniture design:  Add a stand out and subtle pattern to make it look more spacious and uncluttered. A wooden look for the furniture can make the room more beautiful. Find eye catching accessories like a master piece painting or a designed mirror to change the glance of the entire bedroom. Furniture can also be in contrast with the shades of the wall. Make the most of space by arranging the nightstands, bed and furniture at its best. Though small, nightstands are purposeful and give aesthetic bedside look. For regal light fixtures use chandeliers as they have no counterpart. You can go with glass, metal or even a candle chandelier.

2)Bedroom color:  You can experiment with bold shades as per your choice. To brighten the room use different colors like light blue on one wall and light green on the other. Do not use combination like white color and some dark shade on the other. Let the room glow up by using glass to reflect light on the walls.

3)The Bed for the room:  Invest in a curvaceous shape bed to make it look spectacular. Always keep the bed low. Let the bed be very comfortable by choosing the finest quality mattress. Make no compromise on the most notable and appealing object of the room. You can buy crisp whiter bed linen and soothe the room. Always update your bed linen with attractive designs and colors. Don’t shy mixing up patterns like combining large prints with small ones. This will make it more stylish and classy. 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

It’s a homemade home!

Have had a stressful day? There is no place on earth to relax than your own cozy bedroom that sets you free and liberated from the clutches of the outside world. Then go ahead and get your room decorated with the finest things you have ever had. Dress your bedroom with the most contemporary style along with modern look. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Insights of our corporate Interior Designs

An impressively designed office not only reflects professionalism but also demonstrates progressiveness and thirst for excellence.Creative Interiors create exclusive and intrinsic designs for your offices. Make your work place beautiful with us 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Important things to remember if you are designing a hotel

The interior designer of the hotel has to keep in mind the elements which are highly net worthy for the clients. This includes a lively atmosphere, highly sanitized rooms and the style that has been used. To make it more inviting to the customers an interior designer of the hotel should be dynamic in his approach. The hotel's interior should be in the line with the theme of the hotel.Make your hotel more welcoming with amazing interiors.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Our valuable work

Paintings are necessary in a house. They add to the beauty of the house.Try putting some landscapes or portraits on your walls which will add elegance to your beautiful house.   

Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Bed for your Bedroom

Invest in a curvaceous shape bed to make it look spectacular. Always keep the bed low. Let the bed be very comfortable by choosing the finest quality mattress. Make no compromise on the most notable and appealing object of the room. You can buy crisp whiter bed linen and soothe the room. Always update your bed linen with attractive designs and colors. Don’t shy mixing up patterns like combining large prints with small ones. This will make it more stylish and classy. 

Friday, 2 May 2014

Clean lines, smooth designs

Kitchen is utilized at optimum level in a food loving family & especially where both the meals are prepared at home.  Kitchen layout should be with adequate spacing of kitchenware

Thursday, 1 May 2014

About the bedrooms

Bed is the key furniture in your bedroom & most preferred place to relax. Consider high preference in selecting the perfect bed made of durable raw materials. Teak wood with anti termite & fine polish would last for good 5 years. Prefer handpicked or self made décor to match your preference & taste as it is the only room which you can really call it your own. Fit wardrobe, reading table & bed side furniture at your ease.

Create a vision and passionately execute your ideas to make it a dream home. By your own creative ideas your home will have a stunning look and aesthetic appeal which will be appreciated by all. This will make your home uniquely yours.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Tips on Bedroom colors

Bedroom color: You can experiment with bold shades as per your choice. To brighten the room use different colors like light blue on one wall and light green on the other.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ideas for your kitchen

Kitchen is utilized at optimum level in a food loving family & especially where both the meals are prepared at home.  Kitchen layout should be with adequate spacing of kitchenware. High usage of granite is most preferred for its durability. Use light color tiles so that the room is not gloomy and makes it more live by lining up small plants at the window side. Do not assemble cooking stove, refrigerator and sink together and make the room compact. Arrange them equidistantly from each other so that it is work flexible. Matching dinner sets, cabinet and other cutlery can be a best theme for your kitchen.

Monday, 28 April 2014

How to make your living room a better place.

The first room perceived is your living room. It gives a warm welcome to the guests with its unique style and décor. Though beautiful & stylish furniture is at times fragile might not work in homes blessed with little angels. Color should be light & use mirrors to reflect natural light. Décor & color should be in contrast while planning interior design of your living room. To have wide ranging look with reasonable cost have refurbished & re-cycled décor.

You need to ensure that your living room furniture set is comfortable & durable. Secondly the sitting arrangement is most visible, highly used & first sight your guest sets among the various items in the living room. To give first impression & connect with your guest it is important that fabric & sitting arrangement should be durable to last for a longer period.  

Monday, 21 April 2014

Making your house “Your Home”!

Want to revamp your house to make it a better place? Then get inspired by the interior design ideas which will redo the entire look of the house. The way you redecorate your house shows up your personality. A theme for any room is important to give it an elegant look. Key aspect in Interior designing your home is selecting furniture, fabric, color, design, layout of rooms & décor which are durable, convenient & comfortable.We believe everyone has a beautiful house in them. We’re simply here to help you discover and create the home that makes you smile.