Monday, 12 May 2014

Your hotel's Recreation Area

Considering the kind of expected guest the facilities should be designed.
Hotel with commercial & business guest:-
Specialty spa/massage area for relaxing after long day of business meets Bar with wood furniture giving a mature look.Theme restaurant with high service standard. On the contrary for hotel with young & energetic crowd:Design elaborate pool area to relax & kill time.Discotheque with bar & dance floor complementing each other.Game zone such with pool & table tennis table.Gym with equipment mostly used by young generation .
Guest Rooms:-
Creativity in interior room design with unique components will have a lasting impression in guest’s mind. Take a change by having wall with bold & diverse color combinations. Decorate the room with local landmark or USP of the place. Example: monuments, historic event or unique culture. This will help in completing guest quest for altogether different experience & look.Hotel interior design must keep sustainability & green feature in setting up bathroom in the guest rooms such as water recycling, single sink with large mirror.Room furniture & technology gadgets should be as per the guest requirements & budget. Business traveler needs working desk with internet connectivity.Leisure traveler is looking for nice entertainment system & furniture such as bean bag or rocking chair.Basic amenities like air conditioning, light controls, curtains, TV set, bed & intercom should be conveniently placed & in perfect working condition. Heavy usage & handling is expected by varied guest using the same facility in the guest room. Considering the usage items in the guest room should be high on durability.Interior design of hotel is a complex process as it involves creating best of facilities for people with different needs for temporary period. Target guest & their expectation can hold key to design hotel interiors. This way the budget of the overall design can also be kept under control. Overall hotel interior design needs to have capability to give refreshed look every time guest check in with minimal cost overruns on the hotel budget.

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