Thursday, 8 May 2014

Three simple steps for creating a Fashionable Room

1)Bedroom furniture design:  Add a stand out and subtle pattern to make it look more spacious and uncluttered. A wooden look for the furniture can make the room more beautiful. Find eye catching accessories like a master piece painting or a designed mirror to change the glance of the entire bedroom. Furniture can also be in contrast with the shades of the wall. Make the most of space by arranging the nightstands, bed and furniture at its best. Though small, nightstands are purposeful and give aesthetic bedside look. For regal light fixtures use chandeliers as they have no counterpart. You can go with glass, metal or even a candle chandelier.

2)Bedroom color:  You can experiment with bold shades as per your choice. To brighten the room use different colors like light blue on one wall and light green on the other. Do not use combination like white color and some dark shade on the other. Let the room glow up by using glass to reflect light on the walls.

3)The Bed for the room:  Invest in a curvaceous shape bed to make it look spectacular. Always keep the bed low. Let the bed be very comfortable by choosing the finest quality mattress. Make no compromise on the most notable and appealing object of the room. You can buy crisp whiter bed linen and soothe the room. Always update your bed linen with attractive designs and colors. Don’t shy mixing up patterns like combining large prints with small ones. This will make it more stylish and classy. 

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