Sunday, 25 May 2014

Interior designing tips for small houses.

Sounds like a challenging job because of limited space and options available? Lighten up, brighten up and live up to your expectations giving it a heavenly look. Bring in patterns and furniture which can show up the beauty of the small space. Don’t clutter the room with unnecessary stuff which could not even allow you to move about.

Apply simple and unique designs with the help of these key words:

§ Keep the room easy and organized by enough of air space and limited but well planned in anything you choose.

§ Choose furniture by size and proportion or this will make the room unstructured. Get multi storage furniture which would serve your purpose to store blankets, pillows, clothes etc. Bad furniture arrangement will undersize your area.

§ An alternative to bed can be a sofa cum bed or a wall bed which can be put away or be fixed to the wall after use.

§ Select one pacifying color to enhance the look of this small room. Do not paint the walls with different shades and mess up the entire thing. Use colors like baby blue, light pink or lavender.

§ Trim down the huge windows which limit light in the room and replace it with blinds. Use designer blinds in fabrics for that extra appreciation.

§ Fresh plants should be placed to give a vibrant and fresh feel. Adding a bouquet of fresh flowers on a table vase can work well.

§ Change your flooring as this can mould and transform the room to a larger space. Using light wood flooring can spice up the look.

§ Do not place your antiques straight before the wall. The best place it put them is using corners and around windows.

§ Use glass barriers to separate the room and make the maximum of space. It is the contemporary way to make the area appear bigger.

§ Fix up wall lamps or hanging lamps to make optimum use of the wall. Also set up tour television books and stereo on cabinets that are affixed to the wall.

§ Prioritize only those items which you can’t live without. Decide on which strategy can be more spacious and can give enough liberty to move around.

Eventually the design should efficiently use each corner of the room with intelligent furniture fittings. It means every furniture should have multipurpose & storage functionality.

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