Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A picture of efficient work culture.

Make smart use of space and creative ways to design the office.  Image is very important for the company as it speaks more than words. The smartest thing to do is to hire an office interior designer which will make 10-20% more usage in your office. Emphasize on the objective of the company to him which leaves a positive impression on the client.  Also make sure you communicate about occupant’s strength of the company. He will turn this visible space into a usable space.

Some inputs for office interior design are as follows:

ü  A person will be unproductive, boring and lethargic if the office atmosphere will be cluttered. Output will be elevated if the space is comfortable, flexible and personal.

ü  External noise creates distraction and results in low productivity. It is the biggest hindrance for focus and efficiency. The feel should be quiet and relaxing.

ü  Bright colors create positive vibes among team members. Energetic and confident attitude is promoted amongst them. Green color is best suited to re-energize enthuse your team.

ü  Late office hours are stressful. So using chairs with adjustable position can relax back pain and arm rest is often recommended. Chairs should be kept facing the window or door so it causes less strain on the eyes.

ü  Depending on the Nature of the work, job specific furnishings should be designed. One has to keep in mind future business requirements like hiring new personnel for the job. Space therefore should be well designed.  E.g.: an airline reservation desk employee has to attend calls and no interaction with other employees. He should have enough of room to make himself comfortable.

ü  Stress busters like plants which give oxygen and aerate the room. Place them on the corners instead using designer equipment and antiques.

ü  Avoid traditional yellow lamps and replace with bluish ones which is similar to natural light.

ü  Use latest technology like space should be as flexible as possible by creating “plug and play” for the   individuals to work on their laptops.

ü  Enough of space between different departments and the workers themselves so they don’t crash with each other. Basic idea is to avoid inconvenience to any other team.

ü  Allocating space wisely to a group of people who do different tasks. Like an engineer is mostly found on his desk while sales person or president are there for a couple of hours.

   Simple and unique office creates an image both in minds of the employees and the clients. Create space which is for the well-being of the employees.

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