Monday, 30 June 2014

Some more tips on How to Become an Interior Designer

    Most important of all the above qualities a proper affiliated course in interior designing is very essential to have a successful career. To test their designing and drawing skills a candidate has to clear an entrance exam. A portfolio too is needed in the college to showcase their skills and ideas of drawing. To get yourself enrolled in a good institute for interior designing a minimum qualification of 10+2 is required. The places where you can study these courses are The Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahemdabad it offers a five year program in interior design to students who have completed their senior school with science, Exterior Interiors, in New Delhi, Apeejay Institute of Design, DIA Academy, and Raffles Millennium Institute in Delhi. There are numerous other institutes all over India which provide best courses for interior designing. Interior designing can be pursued even through a polytechnic or a private institution that provides specialization in this field.

You have to meet lots of people from all the walks of life. Networking and interpersonal skills are a must in this profession to get interesting projects.  Create contacts with personalities to get some interesting projects in hand. You have to be mentally prepared to adjust your timings for your work schedule. You might have unpredictable work timings to cope with excess of work burden.
    Client satisfaction is the most important thing in this field. If you feel you have the capability and understanding of transforming a simple house in to a beautiful paradise by adding your own creative touch to it then you are right in taking up the profession of interior designing.

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