Monday, 2 June 2014

Dining becomes a pleasure with Designers dazzling interiors

· Dining out in a high end restaurant is an opportunity to engross you in not only a good food and conversation but in a climate that makes the boring everyday world feels better and pleasant. It’s not a surprise or a wonder to see restaurants turning into places with most innovative interiors around the world. Incorporation of technology, Culture, Art amongst other themes to create a most striking place for diners to have eat out and enjoy the spectacular moment of their life.

·Lights: Lights are most attractive and play a very important role in creating a soothing or romantic mood for diners to enjoy the great taste of the food served.

·Color: Colors plays a very important role to have a feel of the place that you would like to have your food:
1.Light and cool color makes the restaurant looks spacious and bigger.
2.A delicate color makes you feel relaxing.
3.Darkness and Warmth in color combination keeps the space from feeling cosmic.
4.Boldness encourages children’s and fast food turnover.
5.Color depicts a style in it, i.e. Nature, Modern or a Retro Look.

Furniture: Furniture’s of your restaurant should never feel unsafe to your customer. They should be designed in such a manner that they look elegant, attractive and at the same time can hold customers valuable items so that they don’t have to have a look at them again and again.

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