Monday, 23 June 2014

Some more styles for you.

Garden: This style is often ideal for nature lovers. A room full of plants with natural light surging in through large windows beautifies the landscape pictures in the house. Vibrant and natural colors are used for each living space.  


Asian: Space usage in the key or the priority to decorate a house in Asian Style. Keeping the centre of the room empty refers to the openness of the heart in Asian cultures. Subtle colors are used and bright colors to highlight focal points in a room.


New York: This style has its furniture in contrast to the wall colors. Often the place to fit in the furniture is around the edges of the room keeping in mind a wide range of space to move about through main corridors. Light fixtures are used to attract vision of displayed accents at each point. Similarly, storage place is also widely available made of furniture with different materials.


Eclectic: The room can be transformed giving a miscellaneous look with a varied number of decorating items. Many people choose this style as they enjoy different aspects of any of the above interior. Colors choice is left open according to the taste of the individual. 

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