Friday, 20 June 2014

Do it the Vintage style

Are you worn-out of present everyday around you? Then give up with your present décor and reinvent yourself by refurnishing your house in the vintage style or simply old world or Victoria. “Out with new and in with the old” will sum up to your cozy & lavish style. This style comes with comfort and calm down vibes. With vintage you don’t have to shoot up your budget since you replace items which have started to look old. It gives an opportunity to merge both old and new pieces of furnishings and accessories which can be appealing.

The color palette: - Using pastel colors like pink, green, blue & yellow and embellishing it further with floral, polka dots, and varied pattern upholstery will bring in the magic of the Victorian era. This can give a breezy and casual vintage look compared to bright colors.

Furniture: - While selecting the furniture remember that mismatched furniture always works well. A rocking chair and stools are two things which you should never let it go. The furniture should be antique and painted in soft shades white wash wardrobes, leather sofas, old cabinets, standing floor mirrors, wooden chest are some of the things which you can experiment. To transform your room you can even restore the existing furniture to make it last longer. This gives your vintage items a new life.

Accessories: - The input to a genuine vintage look is vintage pieces which might include second hand pieces as well. The key pieces could be old lamp shades, floral fabrics, wrought iron furniture, lace cloth tables, unusual and recycled accessories can bright up and give it a classic approach. Look for handmade products like fabrics and quilts which gives your house a more intimate feel.

Displaying things: - There is no ruling about putting the pieces together. The way you visualize and want to present your décor is up to you. Create a theme for your decors and accordingly interpret how to put them in the right place. Vintage is just the impact of your mismatched bits and pieces gathered.
Give your house a unique look by assembling your vintage piece and other small décor parts. Deal with the things that you possess and get started with them. You can shop anywhere like an online website or even flea markets by knowing beforehand what you want.

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