Friday, 4 July 2014

How To Design Your Own Kitchen

Home is where the heart is and the heart of the home is our kitchen. This is the place in the house where we share our daily meals along with some gossiping. The atmosphere of the kitchen has to be warm with a homey feeling. Always try to make your kitchen bright and lightened rather than pale and dull. Kitchen interior designing needs careful planning.

But if you have a small kitchen than opt for pastel and lighter shades of white and yellow it makes your kitchen seem larger. If dark colors are used in smaller kitchen it will make your kitchen look all the smaller. Put up lots of lights in smaller kitchen so that it does not look dark. The kitchen will appear darker if there are no windows, so adequate amount of lights are very essential. Make it a point to have proper lights at the centre of the kitchen in the ceiling and may be the cabinets too.
The other most important thing to consider when designing your own kitchen is storage facility. No matter how spacious you try to be you will always tend to find the kitchen cluttered and messy due to shortage of space. The corners of the kitchen have to be well utilized for storage of appliances and other items. Dividers in drawers are very useful as it creates more space. Try and utilize the spaces below the sinks for putting your dustbins as it will save more of a carpet space. To increase the visual sizes of the kitchen opt for small size tile or prints rather than larger size.

The size of the platform of your main kitchen has to be big enough so that you feel comfortable while cooking and do not mess up. Try and maintain a proper distance between the refrigerator sink and the platform. It’s irritating if you have to hop skip and jump here and there to reach all the appliances. Be very systematical in arranging all the appliances. In my view a kitchen that is triangular is more preferable and comfortable too.

The kitchen is that part of the home where you try to be more creative with your culinary skills. All the creative ideas while cooking comes up in the kitchen so it has to be well organized and maintained. Kitchen is the most important place where the whole family comes together for all the meals.

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