Friday, 25 July 2014

Keep it Natural

After a log day at work we all need to go at home to relax and chill. Home is the only place where we feel the most comfortable. It is a heaven indeed if it’s made and decorated well. Make your home your house of dreams where you would love to stay the longest. A house is the reflection of their inmates. Interior designing not only changes the look of your home but gives an aesthetic feel to your house.

While doing the interiors of your home try and take inspiration from your surroundings and nature. Nothing soothes the eyes more than nature. Keep in mind while designing the size you want to allocate to each room; you are the person who best knows the size of rooms you want according to your use. The color palette should consist of warm and earthy tones like olive green, browns and whites. The more subtle the tones the more cool it will look. Repetition sounds little dumb but trust me a little repetition of colors give a nice continuous look to the home. The walls can be made more attractive through wallpapers at one side of the room. How about wallpaper with some scenic beauty. There are plenty of choices available to choose from.

Always opt to make large open glass windows. It allows natural light to sink in. why create an obstacle to view the natural beauty. It also makes the room look brighter and larger. The floorings of the house are other important aspect of designing. While choosing the floorings keep in mind that they have a well finished look. Opt for floorings that are anti skit, the ones which allow walking freely without slipping on it.

Try to create a focal point in every room while designing so that you can emphasize your designing on that aspect. A fireplace in a living room can be your focal point or a bed in your bedroom. A focal point helps you to work around it. Some greenery can be added with plants to give a cooling effect to the eyes. Make use of fabrics for bed sheets and cushions in natural prints and textures.

Selection of furniture should be stylish and ascetic that expresses your own style statement. Your furniture’s that is sofa set or even a bed in the bedroom should be comfortable enough to attract you and your guests. It should be well arranged to make the conversations easy.  

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