Tuesday, 29 July 2014

When you renovate your home....(2)


Recycling old items from your grandmother’s trunk could be a great idea to add a zing to your house. Some old quilts could be painted to give a fresh look. Changing the place of your furniture a little bit would also go down well. Just keep in mind, don’t try to match everything with the color scheme that was there before. Change the look totally with new complimenting colors to give a new stylish yet sophisticated look to your house.

Play with your imagination. Try to be more creative in your thinking. Think of creating a very small garden like look in your house. A corner of the room can be highlighted with some colorful stones and pebbles along with some small plants. This will give a nice feel to your home and will look soothing to your eyes also. Renovate your closet too, with some paints and picture in it. You get bored of having a same look in the closet too.

Decorating is never ending; try changing the look of the house through these ideas every five years at least. It will give a fresh feel always

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