Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist interior designing means very simple interior decoration of the house. It takes into considerations only the basic necessities of living. In minimalist designing less is more exquisite. People believe that minimalist designing is more of a traditional one which is not true. Minimalist interior can be even done in modern style. People with simple living and higher standard of living opt for a minimalist interior designing style. It has a light, stress free and sleek look

Everything from the ceiling to the flooring has a very simple yet unique look. The walls have simple and sober neutral shades. Neutral look best with the minimalist interior design. You can highlight one wall in a different shade that has a contrasting effect. The wall decoration is kept very aesthetic with minimum d├ęcor on the wall. Even the flooring has to be kept very simple and plain with creams or beige and white tones.Windows of the rooms are kept simple with white sheer drapes and blinds for privacy.

The furniture in minimalist design has a more of a functional use rather than it being a piece of decoration. The furniture used is kept simple and elegant. Only basic necessary items of furniture are used, bulky looking items are avoided. Lighting used is more of a pendant lights or concealed lights for brightness in the rooms. For the decoration of the room keep it really minimal with just some photo frames and vases on the table.

Minimalist style of designing is great for smaller house because it utilizes all the space wisely for extra storage. Importance is given to storage rather than decoration in the room. It has been founding more popularity with even high profiled people who want simplicity at home.

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