Monday, 14 July 2014

Contemporary Interior Design- The modern look.

Contemporary basically means what is in and new. It’s modern yet has a traditional touch to it. It is very popular and favorite today with all the interior designer lovers. The furniture used is classic and timeless. Contemporary style is basically pure white or aqua blue in which you add the whole color spectrum. This color scheme warms up the room with brighter shades to emphasize on them. It involves the designer to play with all the colors but tastefully as contemporary designing concept is broader and much prettier. The way you use different colors on the white background is very important. It shows the creativity of the designer. In this style you can always make changes as per your tastes. Everything goes really well with these shades. Just keep in mind for the best contemporary look your color palette needs to have pales and neutral shades. 

The walls in contemporary designing are kept simple and highlighted with some artistic paintings and artworks. Don’t try to get fussy with wallpapers as these don’t suit the contemporary designing. The flooring of contemporary designing is very simple. A plain carpet maybe or wooden finished flooring would go very well with the concept. If your walls are very plain and flatly painted then a cushioned carpet would look very stylish and give a great effect to the flooring.

In a contemporary look the bedrooms should have a monochrome color scheme. Avoid girly colors such as pinks and pastels or light shades. The look of bedroom in contemporary designing has to be very sleek and stylish.

For the décor of your home in contemporary designing there are lots of furniture and objects available in the market that can be added to your room. Bright colored objects are preferable. Items in glass wood and metal will look classy with this style. Avoid ornate objects as they make it look giddy. Arrange the items well without making it look messy. Things should be placed well and the place should not look much cluttered. Do not overdo it with heavy embellished items; keep it real simple and classy. Try to keep a balance when combining colors and finishes so that your house looks well synchronized.
Contemporary style is such that you can make changes anytime according to your conveniences. There’s no rule or format to follow. The new trends and style keep on coming up and you can easily keep on adding it to your home interiors.

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