Sunday, 27 July 2014

When you renovate your home....

Interior Decoration generally speaking means giving a makeover to your home by changing the old furniture’s, antiques, and frames and color of the house. It’s like giving a new look without spending much on it. Let me give you some tips on doing so.

You can change the look of your walls by painting them on your own with some geometrical or abstract objects to give a chic look to the wall. Nice wallpaper can be used to accessorize the wall. There are cheap wallpapers available that can be used on temporary basis of a year or two. You can even give just borders to your house with wallpaper rather than applying it on the whole wall. These can be done with the help of double sided tapes. Change your rug to a carpet to give a different look to your flooring.

Changing the color pattern of your drapers, cushion covers and bed sheets would also highlight your room. It’s not necessary to go with your old color scheme you can use a totally new color which could be complementary with the walls and other items. You can paint your night lamps or add photos to it. Changing the decorative items like showpieces could be an added attraction. It’s not necessary to get some expensive pieces of decoration, you can get some really old antiques at a low price and glitter them to make it new.

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