Wednesday, 9 July 2014

History of Interior Design

Interior designing as a main profession existed only in the twentieth century. Through ages people have been decorating their houses in different ways. The ancient cavemen would decorate their caves by painting on the walls of the cave. There has been a constant improvement on the decoration and interiors of the houses since then. Those ancient men would have paintings of trees, animals and human on the walls. Animal skins and horns were used to decorate houses. 
The middle class women in the nineteenth century were more homely women who used to be at home and take care of all the little things related to their home. They were the ones who would make efforts to make their atmosphere comfortable and pleasing to the eyes. The desire to do something creative and new in their home everyday made them decorators of their own house. The women were keen on knowing new things to make their houses more beautiful which gave rise to professionals.

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