Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Living Room Design Ideas- Stylish and Classy look

Living room is normally a place where you gather with your family over a cup of coffee or a chat. The living room has to be lively as people live here. The color of your living room should depend on the preferences of all the members of the family. It has to be those colors which would soothe the eyes of all the inmates. Warm and cool colors go well for the living room. Like the olive green and grey.

The decorating items in the living room need not be on the shelves, try using a wall instead to hang all the decorative items. It will occupy less of the space too. You can show up your creativity or any of the inmates handmade items can be used for decorating one side of the wall. Shadow boxers or self stick hooks can be used for hanging these items rather than hammering nails in the walls. If you have a cabinet made for books and showpieces than leave some space between for breathing. Don’t fill up the shelves leave spaces in between it looks more appealing to the eyes. You can use under counter lights in the shelves to highlight the glass photo frames.

Make covered storage in the living room to make it look clutter free. Living room is the only place in the house where everyone keeps dumping things as and when they come from office or schools. Choose cabinets that have drawers, hooks, and shelves to keep purses, keys, mobile phones, shoes and other spare items. Keep your living room neat and clean because that’s the place for all guests also have their first impression of your home.

The curtains of the room should be of the dominant color of the furniture. Keep the curtains bright in color. The sitting arrangement in the living room has to be cozy and the placement of sofas has to be in such a way that guest can talk closely to each other. Avoid putting up all the furniture in a single line. Sofas in a line don’t look good. Let them be scattered so that people while sitting are close to each other.

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